by Anggita Sari Dewi, B. Bus

What is Doctor On Call Service and Why Do You Need it?

In the middle of the developing era, where healthcare customers are now wanting an excellent service, and not only excellent care, health facilities are urged to do innovations to deliver the trending needs of their customers in order to compete. According to Mastersons (2019), NRC Health’s Market Insight surveyed more than 223,000 healthcare consumers which the result shows that 51% said ‘convenience’ and ‘accessibility’ are two main factors in their decision-making process.

Doctor On Call Service

Based on the survey, it is safe to say that easy access and convenient environment should be the new priorities of health facilities to deliver an excellent care and service to their customers. Thus, the Home Visit service has become one of the solutions, where the doctor will come to perform the medical examination and treatment at the patient’s location.

When You need a Home Visit Service?

When you are unable to travel to health facility

When you don’t want to wait or queue at health facility

When you need a more private and personal space to get examined

How to Reserve a Home Visit Service at Klinik PENTA Medica?

You can get our Home Visit service by just dialling to (+62) 361 490709. Our Home Visit service is ready 24/7 and we provide various mode of transportation, as well as follow up services. One of our latest innovations in transportation is the Ambucycle, where we can get to your location in less time. We can also help you to claim your medical expense should you use your medical insurance/ travel insurance.


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