About us

PT. Penta Bali Media

PT. Penta Bali Media was established in 2005 and currently has three business units, including primary healthcare, medical assistance, and training centre. The company was founded by three doctors who previously worked at an international clinic and are experienced in the medical assistance world. The establishment of the company required sacrifices, high enthusiasm, and the courage of its founders. They work hard to build the brand of PENTA Medica to now become well-known amongst primary healthcare and medical assistance sectors, while they are still working to develop Penta Bali Media Training Centre to be more existing in the training sectors. The commitment to provide a quick response, professional service, and focus on providing solutions are still the three top values in the company.

dr. A. A. Gd. Yudi Yunardhana Putra

Director of PT. Penta Bali Media

Welcome Message

Approaching the new year optimism, PT. Penta Bali Media will continue to develop itself as a professional and leading company in the primary healthcare, medical assistance, and training sectors. Within the next year, our clinic has goals to become an accredited Primary Health Facility and become the best Primary Health Facility according to BPJS Kesehatan. As in our medical assistance unit, we plan to expand our collaborations with travel insurances and hospitals around the world to provide a more comprehensive, trustworthy, comfortable and adequate health services for our clients. Same goes with our training centre, Penta Bali Media Training Centre is planning to organize more trainings and classes next year, including the Corporate Hygiene & Health certification for doctors as well as First Aid Training. We remain committed to continue adapting to any dynamics, especially during the pandemic of corona virus which has affected many business sectors. We try our best to utilize the situation to be our opportunity to sustain and grow. Approaching the next year, our management and staff are ready to continue synergizing with each other to reach our goals and provide better services to our clients. We would also like to thank our colleagues and supporting parties for all the support and trust in our company. We do hope our collaborations will give a positive impact to our stakeholders.

Company’s History & Development

The past two years have been highly challenging years for all of us due to the covid-19 pandemic. During a hard time, we have been working our best to maintain the sustainability of our company and also to maintain the trust of our clients through the dynamics. However, we managed to adapt and get back on track. We built partnerships with several new partners in providing covid-19 screening tests for our clients, and also contribute to mass vaccination programs held by the government. New pandemic-related services are also provided to keep the business going. We utilized the situation to minimize the efficiencies that we had to do to survive. Fortunately, during the process, we maintain to get achievements, such as being nominated as Primary Healthcare with the highest compliance rate by BPJS Kesehatan and we also moved to a new building located in Mahendradatta Street. Shortly, we plan to achieve our goals to be accredited primary healthcare, opening several new branches in potential areas, while continually improving our internal system and maintaining our client’s trust.


To become a professional and leading health facility in providing solutions with a human touch to all customers in the era of the free market.


Company’s Values

Quick Response

We understand that time is highly valuable for our customers, thus we are committed to responding immediately to any inquiries.

Professional Service

Since the establishment of our company, ‘professionalism’ has been the most highly held value in the company. We are committed to maintaining our professionalism all over the lines.


We understand that ‘solution’ is everything for our customers, thus we are committed to focusing our team on finding main or alternative solutions to any issues experienced by our customers.

Company’s Structure