Medical Evacuation and Repatriation


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation service have been the core business of Klinik Penta Medica.

We are ready to assist 24 hours and are experienced to both arrange and do the medical evacuation in a relative short time. The types of medical evacuation that we handle also diverse from using commercial flight, air ambulance, boat and ground ambulance, depending on the location, destination, and of course the patient’s medical conditions.

We are highly flexible to adjust to the needs of our client without ignoring the quality of our service. In terms of destination coverage, our medical evacuation service covers a wide range of destinations, from parts of Indonesia, to other foreign countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, France, Italy and other parts of the world.

Our medical evacuation teams are committed to give a professional service with quick response, quality and safe procedures. We also maintain a good collaboration with our medical and non-medical providers around the world to ensure our client gets a smooth medical evacuation process.