by A.A Ayu Nisha Amanda, M.Psi, Psikolog

The definition of depression according to the DSM-V: depression is a syndrome characterized by feelings of depression or loss of interest / feelings of pleasure in most activities

According to the DSM-V the signs when a person is depressed are

  • Losing interest and no longer getting pleasure from any type of activity. Even something that was considered pleasant can turn out to be unpleasant
  • Drastic weight loss / gain accompanied by decreased appetite
  • Insomnia / hypersomnia
  • Easily tired / energy drained quickly
  • Frequent feelings of worthlessness / excessive guilt
  • Decreased thinking / concentration skills
  • The thought of ending life


 What to do?

  • Support from the outside environment

Seek support from the environment around you, family, friends, and partners. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • Stop self diagnosis

Self diagnosis can only be done by professionals. To make sure you’re depressed / not. Consult a psychologist first! And throw away all the assumptions you have.